Rotary Drum Dryer

The Rotary Drum Dryer Is Widely Used For Drying The Chalk Slags, Coal Powder, Slags, Clay And Other Materials In The Building Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical Industry, and Cement Industry. The Rotary Dryer Has A Better Adaptability And Can Dry Various Materials With A Simple And Reliable Operation.

The Rotary Drum Dryer Is Mainly Composed By The Revolving Body, Lifting Plate, Driving Device, Supporting Device, Sealing Ring And Other Components. So It Has The Advantages Of Reasonable Structure, Perfect In Workmanship, High Yield, Low Energy Consumption, Convenient To Operate.


  • High Mechanization, Strong Production Capability And Continuous Operation
  • Excellent And Simple Structure, Steady Operating Process Under Resistance Of The Drum, Easy Operation
  • Little Malfunction, Low Maintenance Cost And Power Consumption
  • Wide Application Range And Good Drying Effect.