Rotary Vacuum Cane Mud Filter

Vee Key Industries Manufacturer Of Rotary Vacuum Cane Mud Filters, Which Are Offered In Various Materials And Drum Constructions.

These Most Advanced Filtration Systems Are Mainly Utilized In Sugar Industry. As Per The Construction Material Of The Drum, Each Filter Is Provided With Stainless Steel Screens And Polypropylene Or Stainless Steel Ribbed Brass Decking’s. In Order To Maintain A Complete Vacuum Seal, The Drum Is Separated By Divisional As Well As Caulking Strips.


  • Drum Deck Divided Into Suitable Designed At Equal Sectors For The Requirement Of Crushing Capacity As Per Customer Requirement.
  • Through A Specially Designed Automatic Rotary Valve-A Unique Feature Of Filters, Each Section Of The Drum Is Provided With Vacuum.
  • To Increase Sugar Level, The Filter Cake On The Screen Is Washed With Hot Water Through Drip Pipes As Well As Through Steam Pipe. After This, The Cake Is Discharged By A Floating Scraper.
  • Over All Efficiency Of Our Drum Drives Is 90% And Installed Motor Power Rating Selected Optimally Considering The Starting Torque Required When In Between Stoppages Of Drum Occurs.
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